The Saga of Girls

Season 2 of HBO’s Girls concluded Sunday night after ten crazy, random, intriguing, destructive, bewildering, and Imagesometimes comical episodes (it is a comedy after all) about four girls living in New York City. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) The season began with Hannah begrudgingly helping Adam with his broken leg and ended with Adam gallantly rescuing Hannah in her time of need. It began with Marnie hooking up with Hannah’s gay ex-boyfriend and ended with her officially getting back together with Charlie. It began with Jessa returning from her honeymoon and ended with…wait, is Jessa even a character on the show anymore? And the season began and ended with the start and finish of Shoshanna and Ray’s relationship.

Unfortunately, all of this relationship business meant that the real relationships of the show, the ones between the four girls, were put on hold. Marnie halfheartedly trying to see what was up with ImageHannah in the final episode was the last time the two of them even came close to interacting since all the way back in the season’s sixth episode when Hannah attended Marnie and Booth Jonathan’s party. Even then, the girls displayed a clear disconnect, with Hannah trying to tell Marnie about her book deal and Marnie being too wrapped up in her new “relationship” to pay attention.  After that, the stress from Hannah’s book deal caused her OCD to reappear and she dug herself into a hole so big that her publisher threatened to sue if she didn’t submit a draft by later that day. Marnie’s relationship with Booth ended and she was no longer distracted from the fact that her life’s goals had completely disintegrated.  And by the end of the finale, we never even saw these college best friends speak.

Before Adam could reunite with Hannah, it was necessary for the viewer to realize that the two were meant to be together. This we demonstrated by Adam’s disastrous relationship with Natalia. At first he seemed to like that she knew what she wanted, but by the final episode he was over it and thrown off by the fact that he couldn’t do or say anything that he wanted and have her go along happily. ImageNatalia wasn’t taking any of the degrading things he was saying and doing…but wait! We know that Hannah’s up for pretty much anything, so we know that she would probably love it all. Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow worked their magic and managed to make Adam not completely unlikeable, because by the time Adam raced to Hannah’s apartment, so quickly that he couldn’t even put on a shirt, even I didn’t hate them being back together.

Side note…though the running-while-FaceTiming sequence was cute, it really wasn’t accurate. You can only use FaceTime when you’re connected to Wi-Fi (pronounced wee-fee if you’re Nick Miller), which Adam would have been promptly disconnected from as soon as he left the building.

Before Marnie visited Hannah’s apartment, she had an interesting brunch with Charlie. I was totally convinced that their fling would come to a quick conclusion in the final episode, but low and behold, just the opposite! ImageAfter some slight confusion as to where they stood as a couple, the two managed to proclaim their love for one another and get back together, officially, for real. And by episode end, the two were positively happy, strolling along the street, arm-in-arm. I was glad to see my favorite character actually happy after a season of personal and professional disasters, but it was also a little weird, since that’s not usually allowed for characters on this show.

Over in Shoshanna-land, the tension building between her and Ray came to a head and they finally had that conversation that needed to happen. Shoshanna admitted that Ray is too dark for her, that she can’t deal with him not liking anything.

List of things Ray doesn’t like: The sound of children playing, all of his living relatives, people who wear sunglasses (even during the day), going to dinner (even though he knows Shoshanna loves it), colors, pillows, and ribbons.Image

Ray accused Shoshanna of seeing someone else, perhaps a Scandinavian, but she denied this, stating that she would never date an “adult male blonde.”  I think that Shoshanna is probably the most underrated character on the show. She can be very perceptive and knew that she couldn’t be the only thing in Ray’s life that he likes, at least not at this point. Ray’s negativity (or was it just critical thinking?) pushed Shoshanna away and as the music swelled, Adam embraced Hannah, Marnie smiled at Charlie, and Shoshanna made out with none other than an adult male blonde.

I hope that next season can focus more on the girls and their friendships with one another. That’s the core of the show and while it’s nice for their other relationships to be explored, the other relationships should come second to those between Jessa, Shoshanna, Marnie, and Hannah.

Things to consider:

  • Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore/Sarah Braverman) will be releasing a novel on 4/30 called Someday, Someday, Maybe. Read more about it here!
  • What do the movies 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, LEGALLY BLONDE, and SHE’S THE MAN have in common? Besides being excellent, they were all written by the same person, Kirsten Smith (along with Karen McCullah Lutz), who has now released a YA novel called Trinkets. Read more about it here!
  • Beyoncé has released new music — the songs “Bow Down” and “I Been On”. Listen here!

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