Bringing “The Heat,” Courtesy of Two Funny Ladies

theheatusTwo cops working together to take down bad guys on the streets of a big city. This plot sounds pretty familiar, right? That’s because it’s been done numerous times, from Lethal Weapon to Bad Boys, Rush Hour, The Other Guys, and 21 Jump Street, to name a few. This summer’s The Heat follows the same formula, with one major difference: the cops are both women. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy star in this hilarious summer sizzler about Sarah Ashburn (Bullock), an FBI Special Agent, sent on assignment from New York to Boston to imprison a devious drug lord. Upon her arrival, she quickly discovers that she can’t shrug off Shannon Mullins (McCarthy), one of Boston’s most notorious detectives, from the case and the two must figure out how to work together to accomplish their mission. the-heat-scorches-white-house-down--heres-your-box-office-roundupThey are both very effective at their jobs, albeit with very different techniques. Ashburn is methodical and follows the rules, professionally and personally. As a straight-laced, tough cop, she’s extremely confident in her capabilities, often to the disdain of her coworkers. Mullins is the opposite. Continue reading